Welcome Dr. Page

profile1Last month, Dr. Sam Page joined the Nampa Smiles team.  “The main reason I’m moving to the area is to be closer to family,” Dr. Page told me.

When asked what made him want to be a dentist, Dr. Page replied:

I always knew I wanted to do something in health care.  Both my brothers and sister are in health care–  a doctor, a pharmacist, and my sister is a hygienist.  I’m the youngest child by four years.  I knew I wanted to work in health care but I didn’t know I wanted to be a dentist until after an experience I had in Ecuador.  I witnessed a dentist in Quito give service to children in an orphanage and assisted him while he worked.  I saw how his work would change the lives of these children and realized I wanted to be apart of that.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I enjoy getting to know the patients and their needs so I can best help them.  I enjoy the social interaction with them.  I like knowing that I’m  providing a service that they need. Aher saying aahh

Dr. Page studied first at BYU-I and then at BYU Provo for his undergrad degree in human biology.  He attended OHSU in Protland for Dental School.  He is the father of three children: Emerie, Maili, and Asher.  He enjoys outdoor summer activities including cycling and swimming, and he participated in a triathlon last summer.  “I don’t like winter sports as much,” he said.  “I tried out cross country skiing but it wasn’t for me.”  “I also enjoy just hanging out with my kids.”

kids at movie



Join Us for Our Annual Movie Day!!

Every year, Dr. Keller rents the Nampa Reel Theatre for all of his patients.  On Saturday morning, 15th February, all of our patients and their families are invited to come to their choice of one of five movies.  Everyone will receive a free popcorn and drink and get to meet Captain Smiles!  This is our Tenth Annual Movie Day, so come and join us!

Theatre at night

Come to The Reel Theatre on February 15th at 9:30 am!  Everyone is welcome!

2104 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa, ID 83651

Christmas Traditions at Nampa Smiles Continued


My family gathers at my parents house and we make Tamales together each Christmas Eve.  At midnight we open our presents.  We used to do a Secret Santa exchange but we all ended getting presents for everyone anyway so we abandoned that.  My favorite gift I’ve been given was when my parents gave me a very large box that unwrapped into a smaller box and so on like Russian nesting dolls until I found a beautiful gold in a tiny box that fit in my hand.



We’re lucky enough to have both my husband’s family and mine close enough to see both sides each year.  We spend Christmas Eve with my side of the family and Christmas day with his.  I have a huge family with 30 kids and 16 adults.  After dinner, we play games, we have a Just Dance Wii Competition, and the kids put on a talent show.   At midnight, each person opens just one present.

On Christmas morning we open gifts if Santa Claus came by our house.  At the in-laws, we have lunch and exchange gifts.   One of my favorite traditions is right after presents.  We all get new Christmas socks and stick one foot in a great big circle to take a picture.  Then we send the picture to my aunt who lives in Washington.  We call her on speaker phone and she tries to match each sock with its owner.



Last year the kids came down from Alaska for a couple weeks.  We all took a trip to Disney Land together.  Spending time with all of our kids made it the best Christmas.  We spend Christmas Eve with the whole family and Christmas day with our immediate families.  We take turns hosting Christmas Eve dinner each year and this year it’s our turn.


Christmas Traditions at Nampa Smiles

In the spirit of Christmas and of letting you get to know us better, we wanted to share some of our family traditions with you.

Trish: Theresa 2We always spend Christmas Eve at our in-laws house.    We bake hundreds of sugar cookies and give them to the neighbors as gifts.   For dinner, we always have a huge pot of Oyster stew, and no one is allowed to open gifts until the last person is done with dinner.  My husband loves  to torment the nieces and nephews by eating as slow as he possibly can. When dinner’s finished, everyone gets to open just one gift, which is always Christmas jammies.  All the kids sleep in the same room and we wait for them to fall asleep to put out their presents.


On Christmas morning, we make cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then the kids open presents.  They dress up as Santa and elves and pass out the presents.  We spend the rest of the day at my aunt’s and do a gift exchange game.


 We spend Christmas Eve at my mom’s house in Nampa.  Each year after dinner we watch the Ultimate Gift before bed.  On Christmas morning, we open presents and then call all the family that lives out of state to wish them Merry Christmas.  We help the kids reorganize their old toys and clothes and decide which ones they don’t need anymore.  On Christmas afternoon, we all go as a family to give the old toys and clothing to needy families so they can have presents for Christmas too.



Giving Thanks



Yesterday my five month old son woke me up with his happy “come pick me up, Dad” cooing coming from his crib.  As I stepped into his view, he waved his arms in little, poorly coordinated spasms and smiled his great big toothless smile at me.  I gathered him into my arms and went to join the rest of our family.  My parents and sister flew in from California  the night before and were already beginning to prepare for dinner.   My wife’s sister and her husband, along with their two little girls and baby Isaac, came to join us as well  Wyoming.


Throughout the day I was continually reminded of blessing God has given me.  The smell of pies–pumpkin, apple, mixed berry– baking in the oven, my nieces and nephew running through the living room and halls and occasionally jumping on my back and clinging to my legs and “Look at my picture Uncle Andrew.”  Being sent by my wife to the store with my Dad to get “just one more thing” that inevitably turned into ten more things.  My friend and his wife coming to join us because all their family was out of town.  We sat around the table and thanked God for each other and for our meal.

Farewell to Selena

SelenaInterviewing Selena was fun, because she’s awesome.  She has such a bright, funny personality and I’m glad I got to meet her.  Selena has only been working with Nampa Smiles for a few months, but she has been a loved part of the team and we will miss her.

Selena was born in Caldwell and raised in Oregon, where she lives to this day in Nyssa.  “I’ve been there my whole life,” she told me.  “I love the small town connectedness.  The high school wrestling and football.”

Were you in sports?

“No, I did choir. And SMILE… Science, Math, Investigating Learning Experiences.” She said with a slightly embarrassed grin.  Are you a big math geek?  “No, no.” She laughed.  ” We would hang out after school, we got to go on paid field trips, we blew things up sometimes and called it science.  My older brother and sister were in it and I wanted to follow in their footsteps.”

How did you know you wanted work in the dental field?

“Well, when I was younger I wanted to be in the military.  My dad was military and because I was a Daddy’s girl, I wanted to be like him.  But when I was 18 I rethought it.  I didn’t want to be kept from my family.  I switched to pharmaceutical and from there to dental assisting.  I honestly don’t know what drew me to dental assisting, but it was a good fit when I got there. I enjoyed it a lot. I still do. I’ve been a dental assistant for 5 years this month.  I  started in Boise at a children’s clinic called Small Smiles, Meridian.  Working with children was hard but rewarding and often really funny. We used nitrous so they would sometimes go off on nothing.  Sometimes their parents would take advantage of it to ask if they had a boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever.”

In my free time I spend as much time with my family as possible.  I always have one of my nieces and nephews with me. I take them to the movies and fairs and Jump Time.  I’m the favorite aunt.  I’m also a total gym junkie and go there like 5, 6 days a week.